Find out the monthly cost of your immo project

It's easy to be lost between the taxes, the notary cost, the loan, the utilities, etc... has been designed by immo enthusiasts to help you plan for the total cost of your immo project. is free, independant and designed to help you plan and evaluate.

A few simulation samples

Input, Evaluate, Repeat

Totally free, independant and respectful of your privacy, your real-estate project cost simulator

500.000Euros Maximum , Not already full-owner, will use as main place for the next 5 years. More Info

Are you going to buy a new home in Belgium?
We offer you an easy way to estimate the different costs without bothering you with details and crazy formulas.

From mortgage to taxes and from charges to other various costs, we offer you an exhaustive view on your real-estate project.

All calculations and estimations are based on market average.

What we do

Simply put: we've been in the same position for our first aquisition where we were wondering what would be the total monthly cost! Lost between the banks, the notary, the friends and family and the internet. Not finding the comprehensive simulator tool we needed, we made our own ;)

Free and independant

The simulator is free to use, as much as you need. It is independant of any banks, agents or whatever.

Total privacy

It is your data: we do not share anything with anyone at anytime!

Homemade simulator

The goal is to have a clear view on the monthly cost of your real estate project. Hence, we've design our own simulator taking into account much more than only your loan!

Easy on all devices

Ready to use on any device, being your phone, desktop or tablet

Plan and compare

Save your simulations and compare them at ease.


The goal is to give you a rough but accurate estimate of the monthly cost when you buy an appartment or house. The calculations are adjusted to current market position regurarly.

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